Product warranty

If the delivered product within the warranty period (one (1) year from the date of delivery to the customer) is determined to be a non-conforming product according to "Defect due to the design or manufacturing by Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd.", it is repaired or replaced with a conforming one at no charge.

However, note that the conditions below are excluded.

  1. Where the delivered product(s) is disassembled or altered, or where its parts are replaced or new function is added by the customer or any third party other than NKS.
  2. Where directions included in the User's Manual or catalog are not observed.
  3. If it is caused by deterioration due to use, natural disaster, fire or other force majeure events.
  4. Secondary damage is generated from incompatibility of the product including the above conditions.

Please note that any obvious trace such as deformation, abrasion or burnout found on parts, regardless of whether or not the customer recognizes the improper handling, will be excluded from the warranty scope and be subject to paid service.